Sept, 2017

Civil and Commercial UAS Operations Training - Level 1

July/AUG  - 2017

Civil and Commercial UAS Operations Training - Level 1


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At myUAVtraining, we know all about the lasting and amazing connections that can occur when students of varying backgrounds and abilities learn together to share experiences and lessons learned. Our experienced trainers facilitate this shared learning experience. Let us guide you in that amazing journey.

NOV, 2017

Civil and Commercial UAS Operations Training - Level 1



OCT, 2017

Civil and Commercial UAS Operations Training - Level 1

compliant UAV pilot training - UAV training

Transport Canada Registered Education Provider - Drone Training / UAV Training Courses


Leading Canadian enterprises and large corporations depend on well-trained people to assist in delivering business value to their clients.

Compliant UAV training is a highly sought-after designation that clearly shows to employers, clients, insurance companies and government organizations - like Transport Canada and NAV Canada - that UAV Operators hire UAV Pilots that have the highest level of UAV training in Canada.

Compliant Training is different than "day-and-a-half training."

Compliant Training is required to maintain any work associated with a Compliant SFOC. Most large corporations and business require UAV pilot's to be certified UAV Compliant.

By 2025, there will be an estimated 100,000+ jobs in the field of aviation technology with the direct application and use of UAV, in career fields like energy, agriculture, telecommunications, geology, emergency management, environmental studies, mapping and survey, transportation, forestry and fisheries. The business use cases of UAV technology seem to grow every day! The correct training is critical for your success.

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Myuavtraining Compliant Uav Training

it all started with UAV training

Chris was trying to solve crop and farm problems with his family in 2014 when his life changed. He discovered that UAS would become an integral part of his life, and today myUAVtraining is devoted to giving students the same thrilling and safe training experience.

certified trainers

Our training staff of UAV and UAS instructors have over 1,000 flight hours of experience, on both fixed-wing and rotary-wing UAV, with over 40,000 km scanned and analyzed for major commercial clients. We can help you obtain the required Transport Canada UAV Pilot knowledge, keeping you safe all along the way. Classes start every month, so sign up today!

  • Civil and Commercial UAS Operations Training - UAS Level 1
  • UAS Flight Planning and Data Analysis Training - UAS Level 2
  • SFOC application knowledge and assistance - Simple, Complex or Compliant levels
  • Local UAV and UAS experts on-hand to answer any questions you may have